Bi-Weekly Update #3

As usual, lots of progress being made and a steady march through development continues. The past few weeks have seen a lot of planning,more work on the tutorial, and filling in supporting mechanics.

More Granular Design Doc

I’ve always said to anyone looking to make a game to create a design doc because without a plan, you have no target to hit, and you can’t hit a target you do not have.

Our secret below was no different but the design doc was primarily focused on a high-level flow of the game. The core gameplay loop, the story, where the player should experience certain things, the game-over scenarios, etc.

However, within that, there needed to be a deeper look at the specifics of the game like what story points will the play experience when, what puzzles and items will the player find and what will lead to the next. Much more granular elements that needed to be fleshed out.

I had a high level view but took more time to fill in the blanks to keep the fire fueled with tasks.

Main Menu

There is much more to the main menu system than meets the eye. I put out a timelapse video of creating the main menu but there is a structure to the code for it all that actually facilitates gameplay later on… but enough of that… some things need to stay secret.

The Mechanics of it all

There are a few systems that have to do with using different tech devices, events triggering other events, and starting work on fail states for the game. They are all smaller tasks on their own but bring the game closer to a full experience that you can play and ultimately die in!

Kickstarter Plans

I do still plan to run a KS campaign and I have fleshed out some of the basic tiers. You can view a very rough early version of the campaign here: KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

The goal is set to $3,600 to also cover the KS fees and taxes. You can see a cost breakdown at the bottom with a larger chunk going to advertising and all things sound. These are the two places where I need the most help. Right now, I just need to finish the page and I would like to make a trailer for it. Wish me luck!

That’s about it for this update. There’s been a lot of interesting things going on and I’m hoping to have a lot of the random tasks associated with them complete in the coming week. You can also view the entire update video on my YouTube Channel:

Talk to you in the next update!


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