Bi-Weekly Update #5

A day late this time but this has been a very busy week. The kickstarter hits this Thursday and I’ve been pumping out content each day leading up to it!

The Obvious thing

The obvious thing is that Out Secret Below will be live on Kickstarter day after tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 13) I’ve put a ton of work into the three videos meant to help sell the game and it’s concept but I will be create one more I believe to help describe the work that is left on the project.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to head over to the Kickstarter pre-launch page to follow it so you can be notified when it goes live! This link will also route to the Kickstarter page itself when it’s live.


I have a message for you

The major in-game update I’ve finished is the journal/book system. There are going to be a number of different ones you can find that will have story and information in them. I created the system to take a text file and parse it to distribute information, hidden codes, and images to wherever I want in the chosen book. Which allows for a lot of cool stuff!

What’s next

So obviously we didn’t hit the target of having the entire game loop hooked up. However, the pieces are there, so it really isn’t a huge task to get it all set up now. This morning will be spent hooking everything up and hopefully reaching that end state. The next week is going to be propping out and setting up the second room where the second half of the game takes place. Once all the work for that is complete, I will have the full area ready to hook up all the parts and we will see a game come together very quickly.

Secret Stuff
Thar be secrets here.

So feel special if you are on the mailing list! You will see things others won’t get to since I won’t be streaming it. But I’ll probably show one or two cool things in the evening streams and these udpates. By the way…

The Twitch Schedule

The work on Our Secret Below is heading into secret territory. Pretty much everything I’m working on now would give away the story in some shape or form, so that means I can’t really stream that development on Twitch very much. After this week I’m going to change my schedule to be in the evenings (probably 8pm to 10pm central time) and the content will be Zbrush sculpting, games, and conversation. I know that it’s always hard when you change a set schedule but, unfortunately, I have no choice if I want to keep the story of the game a secret.

The less obvious thing

To go with this shift in schedule on Twitch, I’m allocating that new stream time to actually relaxing. I do game development about 16 hours a day and I think it’s important to have a bit of down time. However, I love sculpting in Zbrush and I need to do something productive or I feel like I’m drifting.

For a while now I’ve wanted to take on 3D printing as a hobby so in those evening streams I will be working on something I’ve been wanting to do on the side for a long time which is make nerd accessories. Deck boxes for MTG, counters, props, D&D minis, etc. I think it will be a lot of fun.

Nerd Stuff!
Dice Box and Tokens

So game development all day, and during my down time, I’ll be sculpting some cool stuff to eventually sell on Etsy and Amazon. Keep an eye out!


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