Bi Weekly Update 2-24

So many fancy and wonderful things happening with DSD the past few weeks!


Things have been rolling along on the kickstarter and I’ve been very happy with the start of the campaign with 51 backers taking us to $1,335 of the $3,600 goal making the project 37% funded!


Now we’re heading into the more quiet period where the initial flood of supporters has calmed and it’s up to myself and other passionate supporters to push the kickstarter wherever possible and bring in those bakers from the outside that may not know the project exists.

Kickstarter Plans

I’m working on making a demo of Our Secret Below. I’m only going to be doing things that will be in the actual game at launch so if I can’t make something playable and interesting work, I won’t but I want to try and use the current buzz with Mortuary Assistant to bring an OSB demo into the light and hopefully gain more traction.

My goal is to push a kickstarter demo before or at 30 days left in the campaign to pump some life into the down time before we appear on the “home stretch” section of KS.

Mortuary Assistant


So I had mentioned putting the Mortuary Assistant up on just to have another piece of my work out there and a lot of people seem to enjoy it. There’s been plenty of Youtubers and other folks saying a lot of very nice things. It’ been pretty awesome to see people enjoying my work and if you haven’t checked it out, just stop by the itch page and grab the prototype for free! With lots of people wanting to play more, I have decided that I will pursue a full version of MA after Our Secret Below is complete!

Our Secret Below

I’ve been pushing forward pretty smoothly on Our Secret Below. As I mentioned earlier, I’m sort of shuffling tasks meant for later up to now so that I can have something short and playable. Hopefully to the same length as the Mortuary Assistant or a bit longer.

I’m also working on additional creepy stuff that will appear throughout the game at various points in the story. Basically, it’s a lot of different story related tasks and assessing if a demo would be enjoyable without derailing my work load.

Hanging Bodies

Talking With People!

If you missed it, I did a quick Interview with DevineDev over on his twitch channel:

We talked about my time in the industry, my projects, and a bit more. So if you’d like to hear a bit more about me in a more relaxed setting, head over to the link below and give it a listen. The interview is about an hour long.

Printing Things

On a smaller note, I recently started a little hobby business called DarkStone Forge. This is a focus on creating physical accessories for gamers such as dice boxes, deck boxes, tokens, and other nerd stuff. It’s meant to sort of give me an outlet that isn’t just 24/7 game dev and it lets me work with my hands a tad.

MTG 75 card deck box

It’s a welcome break to the day to day work and I’m hoping to have some products up on Etsy soon. You can follow the DSF twitter where I will post new products and all that. It’s been fun and if you have something you always felt would be useful for role playing games, card games, or anything like that, just let me know through email, twitter, discord, whatever. I’m always looking for new ideas to create and add to the shop.

New Streaming Schedule

Since I’m working on story elements for OSB I have not been streaming the development. Instead, I’ve taken to streaming the sculpting of my 3D printing work. I spend all day working on my game, and then take a few hours in the evening to sculpt and hang out on Twitch. The new schedule is below:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
8pm to 10pm Central Time

The stream could start earlier and usually goes later and I may stream extra days. But these are the core days and hours.

What’s Next?

I’ll be working pretty tirelessly on OSB and all the various things I need to do to push the project. Press releases, emails, posts, etc. along with all the work needed for the game itself. I’m in grind more in more ways than one right now so it’s basically just a straight push. Thank you so much for your support, and please share the Kickstarter campaign wherever possible! Thank you again and see you in Discord or on Stream!

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