Bi-Weekly Update 3-15

The Early-Late Update!

This bi-weekly is a little late since I’ve been extremely busy working on the demo for Our Secret Below. However, I put an early build of the demo up on patreon and those that have played it seem to enjoy themselves so I’m excited to be pressing forward with the Demo coming out tomorrow!

Our Secret Below Demo releasing Monday March 16th

Demo Release March 16th!

That’s right, you read that twice! The demo for OSB is coming out tomorrow morning on click the button below to head to the page and follow so you know when it’s live!

The Short SHORT version

The demo is meant to be short. I’ve removed a good deal of puzzles and other content. The goal is to try and create a distilled experience that tells the story, sets up the tone, and introduces the core escape-room concept though, I have put some work into some Easter eggs that I hope will be fun for those who find them.

What exactly have you been doing!?

Great question! I’ve obviously been working on the demo but that hasn’t derailed me from full development. Everything I’ve been doing for the demo has been needed work for the full game which has been awesome because new systems that hadn’t been re-visited in a bit got a little face-lift. Things like item inspection, UI versions of in-game text, and the motion sensor mini-game system.

I WAS going to include the motion sensor system and pad in the demo but I felt that would detract too much from selling the tone of the game. While it works in the grand scheme of the game I worried if the player was off doing a collection of other things meant to be tied to the full game experience, they may lose the heart of the demo. Hopefully, it’s the right move.

Good Luck

This is the second leg of the Kickstarter campaign and as I’ve stated on the twitch streams and other places before: My plan was to start the campaign in a standard way but with 60 days instead of 30 or so and use that first half to do the usual promotion work THEN in the lul that usually is the halfway point, I release the demo and spark a second run carrying the campaign into the end days and, hopefully, the goal.

The Kickstarter Conundrum

Kickstarter campaigns are a strange and difficult place for indie game developers. There’s been a lot of bad experiences for backers with developers that don’t deliver on their promises. I’ve been one of those backers before with my personal KS account. My hope is that by sharing my development constantly and releasing the demo during the campaign that I can help show that my work is taken seriously and hopefully we can pierce through that layer of uncertainty that plagues a portion indie developers on Kickstarter.


That’s all for this update and have lots of fun playing the demo tomorrow!


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