Bi-Weekly Update 4-6

Bi Weekly Update – April 6

Lots of awesome things happening since the last update! The Kickstarter has done very well hitting its goal and the 5k stretch goal for localization into French and German! You have all been amazing through the process and it means the world to me! There’s still a week left for the Kickstarter so spread the word and maybe we can hit that 7k goal!


Want to see the video update? It’s right here! >>


So with hitting the goal of localization, it made me sift through my current work to see what that task looks like and I decided to re-build how the game handles strings (text in the game) I’ve created a new way to source the game’s text making it easier to send off files to localization hires and then plug it back into the project upon completion. I ran a simple test with a google translate last night and it looks the same on the surface but very different under the hood which is exactly what I wanted!

The language choices of French and German are meant to basically cover some of the larger markets after the U.S. China is a much larger market overall but having English, French, and German covers all English speaking countries, a good chunk of Europe, and even the french speaking portions of Canada so I feel these are a good first dip into localization.

Subtitles both on AND off!

You’ve read that correctly! You can now read even more! It’s been on the to-do list for a while and was a request by many with the OSB demo to have subtitles. The subtitle system is in and working for cut scenes and will also provide the translation for localized versions of the game (hiring other voice actors for other languages and trying to match up a language I don’t understand to my cut scenes would be a nightmare for one person and hurt development time)

Information. But in a box!

So much UI stuff! The controls were something that a few folks had issue with learning for the OSB demo so instead of doing a control map in the UI, I decided to create an alert system that would inform the player of new controls at the appropriate time. The hope is to keep the player a bit more immersed while learning controls so they aren’t hopping in and out of the menu.

That’s cool, but what’s up with the GAME game?

So glad you asked! I’ve been working away on all the puzzles that will take you to the end of the game which are now done! You can play through the main line of the game as intended without any temporary art or sneaky dev hacks.

However, the cut scenes are not in yet. Those are the nifty asides that include some strange visuals, game play, and add the strange and story to everything. This is because they will require a lot of animation, code, and other scripting on my part along with work from my voice actors. I intentionally saved that work for around this time (about a month from now) to time out with the kickstarter so I would know what I could achieve and everything has been lining up pretty well. I’m finishing up the main play experience and am now moving into the end game which is right on track with my schedule!

Little less Twitchy

The Twitch stream has been rocky with lots of different tasks of varying secrecy but it will be going silent again soon as I move into the end room. I’ll be able to stream probably for this week as I tie up some extra art for the main space and finish up various core systems.

However, I have recently started streaming game play of my very first project in AAA Warhammer Online. It’s been an awesomely fun time taking a walk down memory lane and has been a refreshing break. Those streams tend to happen in the evening after work if you want to swing by and say hello!

Looking good!

That’s about it! Lots and LOTS done the past two weeks and I’m pretty pleased with some of the extra system re-writes I manged to squeeze in. Next is some general art for the main play space, some systems for game over states, then on to the end game content! It has been a very busy and sometimes stressful journey but I’m always so excited to see a project start to come together and transform into a real game. I’m excited to share that with all of you! Thank you for your continued support and I’ll see you soon.


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