Our Secret Below

About the game

Play as Nia Davis, who has been kidnapped and taken to the basement of an unfamiliar house. Waking up in a haze and chained to the wall, you don’t remember anything before this moment. In your weakened state, you overhear your captor and learn you do not have much time left. He is obsessed, and no one else can have you.

Only through the help of hidden notes left by the previous victim, do you learn this isn’t the first time this psycho has done this. He’s clearly had practice keeping victims locked away.

Explore your cell and find a way out into the rest of the basement. Examine the belongings of your captor and learn clues that will help solve puzzles and bring you closer to freedom and the truth behind your captivity before time runs out.

Our Secret Below is a story-focused escape room with tactile puzzle-solving game play. The player will not only need to find objects, solve puzzles, remember codes, and more but will also need to learn about the history of your captor and their motives to push the story further and learn how deep this man’s obsession goes.

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