A new element has been discovered within the clouds of various nebulae. Throughout the galaxy, a number of mining operations have sprung up to harvest and refine this new element into fuel utilized for space travel bringing a rush for dominance over the budding industry.

This rush to harvest fuel has made the concept of security nearly non-existent leading to massive collaborations of corsairs that patrol the galaxy looking for potential mines to raid and ships to hijack. Once a scout has found a vulnerable target, the group will warp waves of ships to its location to overwhelm and plunder.

Seeing an opportunity to satisfy the desire for money and combat, mercenaries began to offer protection services to mining operations. These mercenary contracts operate on a pay per-kill basis; depositing payment into the mercenary’s account instantly upon destroying a combative ship and often provide a contract completion bonus.

Coming to Mobile

Out station is currently being developed for mobile platforms. The Game will be focused on delivering a tight, fun, game play loop of customizing your ship, taking contracts, and fast paced space battles!

PC Development

Our Station PC development has been put on hold while the mobile development is completed. There is a lot of aspects to Out Station that work very well for a mobile platform which is why I have decided to focus on it first. The page is still on Steam and will be updated when PC development continues! If you want to stay posted on PC development. Wish list it on Steam and you will get notifications the moment it continues!