Wander your subconscious mind under hypnosis. Find pieces of your memories to face your fear. Maybe you will find what you're looking for or maybe it will find you...

ABOUT THE GAME INNER is the result of a 3 day game jam live on Twitch. The game jam and project itself were created to try and capture the feeling of a horror game without using first person perspective as a tool for immersion and, instead, focusing on atmosphere and tone to deliver a darker feeling. ​ This also gave birth to the concept of DarkStone Digital LABS projects. Smaller titles meant to explore new mechanics, concepts, and styles. WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? Everyone has something in their past but few choose to face the things that scare them. Wander your subconscious mind under hypnosis and rummage through your memories. Maybe you will find what you're looking for. Investigate your memories and connect them together with items from your past to solve the missing pieces to the puzzle. However, there is one memory haunting you in the dark corners of your mind. Can you escape it? Or will you confront it? FEATURES -Search for hidden objects within the dark halls -Collect pieces from past memories to solve the game-wide puzzle -Avoid the ghost that follows you and haunts your memories -Light the corners of your mind as you solve the puzzle and stay safe longer -Uncover the truth about the creature that haunts you


About DarkStone Digital

Formed in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 2017, DarkStone Digital is the public face of solo indie developer Brian Clarke. Brian is a long-time veteran of the AAA video game industry and aims to use his experience in the field to create high quality and engaging content.


  • Developers: DarkStone Digital
  • Publishers: DarkStone Digital
  • Designers: Brian Clarke