The mortuary Assistant (MA) prototype went live around February 2020 as a way to show a bit of my work while raising funds for Our Secret Below. I had never imagined that it would gain the traction it did!

While focusing heavily on the Our Secret Below Kickstarter and development, the MA Itch Page was getting a lot of visits and people were playing Mortuary Assistant. Many wonderful content creators made play-throughs of the prototype. I was so happy people enjoyed it but I hardly came up for air from working on Our Secret Below. Then one night the community on the DSD Discord pinged me and told me that Markiplier was playing my game.

Markiplier plays MA

Then I saw that Jacksepticeye had played also. That’s when I started looking more heavily and noticed that not just a few people were playing but LOTS of people were enjoying the prototype.

Jacksepticeye plays MA

So many awesome people played the prototype like Gab Smolders, Daz Black, and many more. I feel very fortunate that people enjoyed the concept so much and that’s why I’m working full time on The Mortuary Assistant now. I hope I can bring this much enjoyment to everyone with the full game.