Chained to the wall, you wake up face to face with your captor. He's obsessed and if he can't have you, no one can. You don't have long to live. Escape your cell, uncover your captor's past, and use that knowledge to escape to freedom in this story-driven thriller. You may not like what you find.

Nia Davis, has been kidnapped and taken to the basement of an unfamiliar house. Waking up in a haze, Nia does not remember anything before this moment. In her weakened state, she overhears her captor and learns she does not have much time left to live. He is obsessed, and no one else can have her. There has to be some way out of here.

Understand Your Captor

In order to survive, Nia must escape her cell, scour her captor’s belongings, piece together his history, and use that knowledge to find journal entries, files, keys, and anything else useful to uncover a path to freedom. Break into security systems, unlock computer terminals, solve puzzles, open doors, and gain access to new areas while not being discovered to finally escape captivity.

More Than The Surface

While Our Secret Below is based in escape room style mechanics for its core game play, the game is heavily story driven and many of the player's actions revolve around driving the story forward, uncovering mysteries, and learning systems to keep from being caught. It may be unsettling learning how deep this man's obsession goes.


Our Secret Below is designed with multiple endings and lots of hidden elements that provide a wide range of content from additional lore, alternate play experiences, and may aid in achieving certain parts of the game's story. Some secrets are hidden in ways that may never be found. Our Secret Below is designed to be looked at from many different angles to experience all the game truly has to offer. If you think you've found everything, you probably haven't.


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About DarkStone Digital

Formed in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 2017, DarkStone Digital is the public face of solo indie developer Brian Clarke. Brian is a long-time veteran of the AAA video game industry and aims to use his experience in the field to create high quality and engaging content.


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