For those that don’t know. I’ve been streaming on Twitch for a long time. I started out doing digital painting while working at Trion but eventually changed to my game development.

Part of my journey being indie is that my wife also works to help support the family. We try our best to coordinate schedules and make sure we both get ample time to work.

With the new home, kids, and timezone shift we’ve been talking about work schedules changing.


My wife has a number of hours she wants to hit per week for her remote work but currently with my stream/work being during the day and her watching the kids; that leaves evenings open where I’m a bit more relaxed and she’s trying to get stuff done.

Obviously, that can make anyone want to take one too many breaks from their work. We are both very similarly driven when it comes to our work so if one of us is relaxing, the other wants to too.

The solution we came up with was to adjust my stream schedule to the time she works at night. This makes me actively doing something during the time she’s trying to work so she gets her hours and doesn’t feel like we’re missing out on time together.

It has the added benefit of letting me focus more deeply on my development during my full work day.


So that’s rad but there’s a gooey center to this new treat in that I will be changing content during those streams. I will have been doing non-stop development during the day. This means my streams will most likely be non-dev content. I can’t promise that, I do love making games in an uncomfortable way…

The plan, though, for these new streams will be a focus on horror content. Community focused time watching horror shorts, playing horror games, and exploring aspects of game development that pertain to those things. So the lens will move away from my personal development and move to the genre of horror and game development theory.

I will still sprinkle in updates on my own work during the streams from time to time, just to share with everyone how the game is going but most of that information will be moved over to things like my YouTube, discord, and blog posts here.

Overall, I think this is a really good change that makes a lot of different aspects of our lives happy. I know there are some of you who will not be able to make the schedule change or wont be interested in less of a focus on my programming and modeling. You will be sorely missed but I hope everyone can understand that these changes are designed to make streaming fun and less distracting while also making other aspects of life better.

– Brian